A Quick Overview of FHA Lender Benefits

Finding the home that you want to purchase can be a challenge. However, after you have finally found the area where you want to live, you will need to work closely with your Real Estate Agent or Broker to follow through with other important aspects of your purchase. The effort that your Agent or Broker put in to finding the home in the best location for you continues on into assuring that you get the most equitable mortgage loan available. In most cases, they will discuss with you many types of loans, however, the benefits of utilizing a FHA Lender to secure a Federal Housing Administration loan will usually make this loan your best selection.

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Among the many benefits of an FHA loan is the fact that it normally can be processed more smoothly and quickly than other types of loans. The FHA provides lenders with strict codes of conduct regarding the qualification requirements of borrowers and the documents and forms that are required to use FHA in a loan process are clearly spelled out for both borrowers and sellers of properly.

In order to qualify for an FHA mortgage, the borrower must meet employment, salary, savings, and credit requirements. The loan will usually have a lower down payment than a conventional loan and, in many cases, the closing costs and fees for the property will be carried by the seller. The points used to calculate fees are normally less with FHA lenders than with conventional and standard lenders as well. The FHA currently carries more than 5 million mortgages in their portfolio.

The consistency of the FHA mortgage program has helped to increase community development opportunities throughout the United States and the Administration often offer incentives for lenders in areas that are declining to motivate lending and sales of homes. The broker you work with will assure that all of the requirements for processing the loan, including the requirements for the seller, are met in order to maintain the positive momentum of your loan process.

In most cases, home buyers do not meet representatives of the FHA when they are purchasing their home. The processing is done through the designated FHA lender and your broker acts as the liaison or intermediary if there are any questions or issues. Another benefit of the FHA system is that you are provided with methods to calculate the actual monthly costs of your mortgage, including regular fees such as insurance, taxes, and any homeowner costs that need to be included in the calculation. Therefore, you are given a clear idea of what your expected monthly payment will be.

With an FHA loan, the home inspection that is required will play a pivotal role in the overall long term. The inspection will cover every aspect of the home inside and out and is much more detailed than a conventional loan. This is a huge benefit for a new home buyer who may not be aware of all of the problems that can occur when one purchases a home without getting a proper inspection completed.

The inspection report is normally very long and contains information that includes both the outside structural and interior soundness of the home. The report will discuss wiring, electrical systems, plumbing, and any repairs that are required to bring the structure, wiring, etc., up to standards required for purchase.

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