Things to Look Out For When Applying For a Personal Loan

Scams exist in abundance. If you're trying to get a personal loan or just buying something on eBay or elsewhere. Be it on the Web or in common brick and mortar businesses, you may come across a rip-off wherever these days. Be aware and look out for a number of tell-tale signs.

Scammers are becoming more creative on daily basis in the creation of fraudulent documents that look authentic. These ads many times seem to be from legit firms and include photographs and logos of these. Below you'll find a checklist of some widespread characteristics of fraudulent ads:

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1. They have an inclination to have an urgent tone.

2. They often create a sense of urgency, telling potential clients that if they won't act quickly, or verify/confirm their personal or account data, the loan offer shall be off the table. ID Theft Rings sometimes ask for private or account info akin to:

3. Account numbers

4. The numbers for your Check and Credit Card

5. Social Security Numbers

6. Online banking sign on IDs and passwords

7. The maiden name of your mother

8. The request for you to send fees for "insurance" to secure the "loan" upfront

9. Your birth date

10. Different sensitive information

11. They send you "loan" paperwork which appear to be official.

12. They often include within the ads a respectable firm's name or Web address. Always type Internet addresses into your browser as a substitute of sending money to the thieves. Then search for whichever "ID theft alerts" on the website and comply with all of the recommendations they advise to capture the thieves -- quickly.

13. They forge authentic loan officers' or employees' signatures.

14. The fraudulent ads will disguise or forge the thefts rings actual web address so they appear to be from a reputable company.

15. They usually use incorrect grammar on their "loan documents".

16. When you find yourself in a browser, hover with the cursor over an Internet site name, check on the lower left corner of your display screen, how the company URL web address is appearing. Examine the spelling. A reputable firm will have their name within the URL. Scammers typically use misspelled variations or even completely different URLs.

17. Never use payment methods like checks or money-orders to pay for something you purchase online. Go through save channels such as pay pal etc.

18. Be especially cautious any instance funds are requested to be sent upfront to claim a prize, inheritance, loan, or unusually high investment return.

19. For those who think you might have been scammed or somebody is making an attempt to con you, report them to the Federal Trade Commission. It's in everyone's best interest to make scamming ever more difficult.

20. Different organizations you can report to are:

- Advance Fee Loan Fraud

- Better Business Bureau



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